Ways to improve your fluency in English:

Ways to improve your fluency in English:

Do you ever feel that you lack confidence while speaking English? Does speaking English makes you nervous?

Even when you practice for days the right word never comes out when it is most needed. It is high time that you find ways to improve your English speaking skills.

There are some people who are very well versed in the language, but they just cannot get it out to the public. This happens because people are very aware of their surroundings and hence they are afraid of making mistakes. The very first thing that you need to learn is being confident while speaking the language. Make a proper eye contact and speak every word with confidence. Do not worry about what others might think of you. It is you who need to learn English, not them.

How to turn yourself into a confident English speaker:

The mirror technique :

If you practice speaking English standing in front of a mirror, it is assured that slowly and steadily your self-confidence will boost up. You need to be aware of each facial expression while speaking the words. Try watching a video and work on your pronunciation along with it.

Work on your fluency :

Fluency means how easily you can maintain a flow while speaking the language and convey your words to the listener.

Learn more and more words :

Make it your goal to learn at least one word every day and write it down immediately on your notepad. Watching documentaries, reading books and listening to music will help you to learn new words.

Practice the following techniques to grab a strong hold on your English :

  1. Focus on your breathing :

Do you the know the first step of meditation? It is the awareness of your breathing. Breathing helps you to calm down your nerves and thus helps to improve your fluency. When a human being is nervous he starts taking small breaths. To avoid this you need to practice the inhalation and exhalation technique taught in yoga.

  1. Start making loud vowel sounds :

The entire English language is dependent on five vowels A, E,I, O and U. Make sounds of these vowels every day for at least one hour.Be very loud and clear as you speak them.

  1. Read fast then read slow :

This is a very effective technique to grab command over the English language. You need to choose one paragraph from your favorite book. Turn on your voice recorder and start reading the paragraph as fast as you can. Repeat the same but this time read the same paragraph very slowly. Now listen to both the recordings. Record the same paragraph every day and notice the improvement each day.

  1. The two-minute technique :

Choose any random topic you like. Start your stopwatch and speak on that topic without any practice. Notice your breathing and the pace of your speech while speaking. Repeating this exercise daily will get rid of nervousness.

Conclusion :

Practicing the above exercises daily will help you to speak English with confidence and fluency. Give your heart and soul to learning the language and do not be ashamed of making mistakes. Keep your head high and communicate with confidence.


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