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Steps to crack IELTS

Best IELTS Institute in Mumbai
IELTS is an international test of proficiency in English and contains the four strands of listening, speaking, reading and writing. Did you know that the IELTS functions under the joint ownership of the British Council, along with IDP: IELTS Australia and Cambridge English Language Assessment? Who needs the IELTS qualifying test scores? Students who would potentially study in universities in English speaking nations need to prove their ability with English. Minimum IELTS scores become a part of the application process. Further, migrants who wish to settle in an English-speaking country may need such an English proficiency score.

What is the preparation process for IELTS?

Be convinced that a preparation process is necessary along with a few trial tests under timed conditions. Just like any exam, you need to understand the format of the exam and a few do’s and don’ts. If attempted off the cuff, native English speakers may end up scoring less than non-native English speakers who have prepared diligently.

Those who found English classes exciting in school should have no difficulty in clearing IELTS. Besides, the audio part of the recorded material in the IELTS courses in Mumbai being played in the examination hall should be interesting enough. Understanding the accents could be a problem for those unfamiliar with native English speakers. Yet all those possibilities are considered by the authorities who prepare the test.

Would you prefer

  • Online preparation materials
  • Reading a book
  • Using materials on a CD?


The British Council study aid

Since it is so easy to copy software, plenty of study materials are available for free download. The danger of piracy may be present and it is always better to opt for legitimate copyright materials.A British Council study aid is available for classroom or home use.A book accompanied by a CD provides ample practical exercises in all the four strands.  The answer key enables a confirmation of the right answers.The CD recording has transcripts too in the IELTS institute.The worldwide branches of the British Council and bookstores would make it available.

The two versions of IELTS in the IELTS institute are the academic and the general training. Both have similar formats and are graded quite the same.

On the same day, the first three parts are administered, namely listening, reading and writing in that sequence. No breaks are provided. The speaking test may be held on the same day or a week before or after, according to arrangements. You are expected to use any form of Standard English in answers across the four parts. The listening test in the IELTS exam in Mumbai uses several native accents that may be British, Australian, North American and New Zealand.

The listening and speaking formats are quite the same for both the academic and general training versions in the IELTS institutes.The academic is aimed at a higher education environment. General training is for daily, practical uses.

Reading and Writing tests differ in the two versions.  Reading in the academic contains three long passages with tasks. The texts may be from books or newspapers and contain graphs. The texts could be descriptive or analytical. Reading in general training is simpler with shorter passages and easier content. Writing for the academic includes a short essay and summary of a chart. Writing in general training concerns a letter and a short essay.


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  • anisha

    Anshita Bhatt

    Mandarin is a lovely Language. I was very apprehensive before commencing to learn the language but after starting I’ve enjoyed a lot.

  • molby

    Molby Savio D’souza

    It has been a great learning experience with Excel Academy. The trainers have been very knowledgeable always willing to help and always greet with a smile. I am glad to have chosen this Academy as I am able to tell some positive steps for getting a future a job.

  • ridddhi

    Riddhi Shah

    Learning Mandarin was a good experience .We enjoyed learning the language and liked to come here during the course .The tutor explained very well in easy language .even gave practical session and home work to stay in touch with the language.

  • Niharika

    Niharika Kumari

    It was good and knowledgeable .It was a good learning experience .I had a good and wonderful learning experience. It took care of all the minute stuff which is supposed to be taught. It was a great learning experience.

  • mistry

    Niharika Mistry

    I learned many things and this course made my language skills more easy. This course has given me knowledge and all basic about French language now I am all quainter with this language and I love it. I would also like to continue for the 2nd level also. Eagerly waiting to learn further.

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