German Language Vocabulary and Pronunciation – is just Kid’s task.

German  Language Vocabulary and Pronunciation – is just Kid’s task.

There has been a different meme about the different languages. There are some normal languages such as English, Spanish, and French that has the same words for one thing. But the German words are long, weird and the consonant filled. If we compare two words, then there is the simple translation of complex Spanish word’ desafortunadamente’ to Leider in the German language. German is the Guttural and rough language that has different long and baffling words. Once you have learned that word in German, then it is not difficult to pronounce those words.

How to Pronounce German Words with Simple Method

There is no need to worry about the German vocabulary And Pronunciation. Most of the German words are just similar to the English.  One of the simplest methods has been to just go through by letter by letter. Then see that how to pronounce these words. When you see the some of the letter combinations, then they may look hard at the starting glance nut actually these are quite easy. Try to pronounce those German words that look scary to you.

German words are pronounced like they’re written, with little variation

This is the fact that German Grammar is a bit more complex than the English Grammar. German mostly uses the three different genders for their nouns. But the German pronunciation is easy as compared to the English. German is much similar like to the Spanish. Most of the German words are pronounced as they are rewritten. German language classes in Andheri, Mumbai, are renowned to have the expert staff in teaching the German language.

Long” German words are usually just combination of small words

Most of the German words look so long and difficult, but there is also another side of the coin. Most of the German words are actually the combination of the several shorter words.  German words are mostly connected to create longer words such as Fahrradkette means driving wheel chain in English. Most of the Germans combine two different words in a single word. This is very difficult for the student who learns German. But when you remember about the German and German words, then Pronunciation will become easier. There are large numbers of the German language learning centers in India, you can consult the best center who provides the best German language classes in Malad.


How to pronounce Letters in German

Firstly,  you will learn how to pronounce the letter itself and then listen to how the letters usually sound in the letter. There are so many letters and sounds in English. Then try to pronounce most of the letters individually.


Letter: “Ah”  such as Father.

Sound: “Ah” (Similar to previous examples.)


Letter: “Bay”

Sound: “B” same as in English


Letter: “Tsay”  -T is slight.

Sound:  C has not commonly use in the Gerrman but K is used.


Letter: “Day”

Sound:  D is mostly used as the ending word.

If you are interested to attain the full knowledge about the vocabulary and pronunciation of the German language, the above mentioned simple methods will make your German Language process easier or you can take the best German language classes in Mumbai for learning exact vocabulary and pronunciation.

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