How has English changed job prospects in India in the last decade

Impact of English throughout the India


English, as we know, has become the global language today. It is more widespread than any other language. This language, which originally belonged to the Britishers, reached every shore with the conquest and invasions of the British empire at that time. In the similar fashion, English reached India. The credit of starting English in India goes to Lord Macaulay of the British Empire who wanted to produce English speaking workers, servants and teachers in India who can comprehend them and follow their orders. But now, the scenes are pretty much different. After 70 years of Independence, we have made English our own language with our own touch and feel to it. It is not a hidden fact that nowadays proficiency in English is also a set parameter for achieving higher studies and goals in life. The education that developed on the need of learning English as a medium has now developed for acquiring English as skill. Now, people visit English Academy in Mumbai to learn and command this language.

Career Options:

Career options in English have increased in the recent decade and this has increased English speaking institute in Mumbai. Thanks to the unadulterated growth of English in the country.  People who know English are getting job opportunities in various fields like V Jobs (Anchors, Editors), publishing jobs in Print Media (Newspaper, journals, magazines), manager in Corporate Communication, teacher and lecturer in Schools, Colleges, Universities, writer in Film, Video, TV, Radio, etc., public relations, author, lawyer, scriptwriter, technical writer and copywriter. There is also a great demand for demand for good translators. These translators are getting paid for translating per word. In the same way, there is a golden opportunity for individuals who are multilinguistic to work as interpreters in government offices and embassies. Teachers and lecturers are getting around 30K to 70k after the implementation of sixth pay commission.

Academic Prospects:

Every competitive exam, as well as entrance exams for various universities, require a full-fledged command over English, precisely the grammar and syntax. Competitive exams for government posts like SSC, NDA, IAS and other civil post examinations have a paper which tests the efficiency of an individual in understanding English. Even in banking exams, English is a very important part which one cannot ignore. Exams like CAT and CLAT are two very prestigious exams which require a higher comprehension of English. For study abroad, exams like SAT and TOEFL English is the integral part which needs to be prepared the most.  To prepare for such competition, there are various English learning courses are available.

Communication During A Job Interview:

Our communication skills matter a lot and many times this is only the field where an interview can either turn out to be a success or a failure. Due to its vast demand and usage in all platforms, a candidate who excels in communicating in English will definitely be able to crack such interviews. This is the area they shall stand out with the other counterparts who have the same skill set but lack command over the language. The change we can witness today is evident and self-revealing that English fluency is very much socially prestigious and essential for job acquirement an upward transition in workplace.

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  • anisha

    Anshita Bhatt

    Mandarin is a lovely Language. I was very apprehensive before commencing to learn the language but after starting I’ve enjoyed a lot.

  • molby

    Molby Savio D’souza

    It has been a great learning experience with Excel Academy. The trainers have been very knowledgeable always willing to help and always greet with a smile. I am glad to have chosen this Academy as I am able to tell some positive steps for getting a future a job.

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    Riddhi Shah

    Learning Mandarin was a good experience .We enjoyed learning the language and liked to come here during the course .The tutor explained very well in easy language .even gave practical session and home work to stay in touch with the language.

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    Niharika Kumari

    It was good and knowledgeable .It was a good learning experience .I had a good and wonderful learning experience. It took care of all the minute stuff which is supposed to be taught. It was a great learning experience.

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    Niharika Mistry

    I learned many things and this course made my language skills more easy. This course has given me knowledge and all basic about French language now I am all quainter with this language and I love it. I would also like to continue for the 2nd level also. Eagerly waiting to learn further.

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